SPLASHPAD Bathroom Sink Splash Guard in Gray

SPLASHPAD® Bathroom Sink Splash Guard - Gray


Bathing your small pet in the bathroom sink just got easier and safer with the SPLASHPAD bathroom sink splash guard. Our non slip, waterproof, soft microfiber mat fits around the sink, giving you an easy way to keep your countertops, cabinets and floors from getting soaked while also giving your pet a soft surface to rest their paws.

  • Adjustable to fit most bathroom countertop sink sizes and shapes
  • Luxurious, microfiber top layer is soft and absorbent - drys quickly
  • Water resistant middle layer protects counters
  • Non slip rubber underside keeps SPLASHPAD® Baby in place
  • Keeps slippery soap and excess water from your countertops
  • Washable, dryable, eco-friendly
  • Makes cleanup fast and easy
  • Size is adjustable and fits most bathroom sink sizes and shapes (3 pieces snap together)

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